Our Mission

Our ultimate mission is to provide first hand and up-to-date school information and admission requirements for prospective Chinese families who often struggle with misleading or disingenuous information due to distance and language barriers. With the cluster of online websites, we have empowered hundreds of thousand anxious families to make more informed decisions regarding their children’s oversea education plan, which could be the most important chapter in their young child’s life.

Our Approach

Smart Search Technology

Equipped with Solr, the industry’s popular, blazing-fast, open source enterprise search platform built on Apache Lucene, our smart, fault tolerant search technology enables targeted families who typically have limited English skills and cultural differences to conduct more successful research on school selection.


Comprehensive Review System

FindingSchool believes in the voice of users and the power of providing objective opinion and review from customer since day one. Consisting of two types of user-generated review (short format without verification and comprehensive format with verification), our comprehensive review system has accumulated more than 25,000 reviews, most of which have unique perspectives from families with similar cultural backgrounds. As the core component of our site, the review has become the most popular information source, which greatly assists families to better understand the strengths and weaknesses of each school  during their application season.  

Active Community

Online is a great way for families to access information, but it is the only one. FindingSchool has established a network enabling prospect parents from the 10 biggest cities in China to meet up on a regular basis to exchange information and share experiences. The unique combination of online and offline networks has created a very active community with a total number of members of 2,500 in just two years.


3rd Party Data Management System

The growing number of third party agents plays a vital role in the ecosystem. FindingSchool is developing a self-serve online portal system enabling the partnered third party agents to serve their full life cycle of managing their presented schools and interested leads: school listing, content editing, identifying leads, account managing, and more.